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About Me

A Fresh Mind

I am a 4th-year student studying Cognitive Science - Design and Interaction at UC San Diego​. 

With a passion for prototyping, collaboration, and interaction designing, I'm seeking out new, interesting objective-driven opportunities in design.

So far, I’ve had the chance to work on some inspiring and enlightening projects, while meeting many influential and amazing individuals. I believe in working together to create user-centered designs for now and the future. For more information about my experience, portfolio or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, get in touch today.


What Else I Do

Graphic Text and Logo Design

I initially took interest in text effects from a graphic design class I took in high school. From there, I just started learning how to make different text effects for banners, logos, or other designs using photoshop. I recently used this self-made banner for a different project. A San Diego based free lance photographer currently uses the photography logos as a watermark for all of his work.


I enjoy photography just as much as I like creating new text effects and logos for people. I developed this hobby as part of my appreciation for nature and the outdoor world as a source of inspiration and creativity. Some of my most recent work can be found below.

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