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I'm a Designer with a passion for prototyping and developing simple yet effective design solutions.

I've had the opportunity to work on a few remarkable projects that I'm extremely proud to share. I'm always looking for new opportunities to positively impact people through well-informed user-centered design solutions.

A preview of the Onward travel app

Onward Travel App

I helped create an app prototype that allows users to plan out activities with others, make suggestions and vote on other's suggestions while helping them make a final decision and communicate with party members all in one place. 

A preview of the Yelp redesign

Yelp Rating System Redesign

We redesigned the Yelp rating system to allow users to give and receive more specific feedback about restaurants while also changing requirements and providing a more holistic approach to reviewing.

Zoom Redesign Preview

Zoom Mobile Redesign

During this project, we aimed to provide simple solutions for issues that many Zoom mobile users experienced while enhancing the accessibility of existing features. In addition, we gave the users more flexibility when viewing and scheduling meetings. 

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